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Welcome to Legion of Altana!

We are an FFXI and FFXIV Linkshell


Free Company House

Kaira and I wanted a nice little place to shack up.... Errr wait...

The Legion of Altana now has a Free Company house:

The Legion Hall
Plot 23, 5th Ward
Lavender Beds, Gridania

LOA Linkshell and Free Company in FFXIV

Legion Of Altana has formed both a Linkshell and Free Company on Hyperion. The Linkshell currently has 14 members and is a place to socialize and help each other with various activities in FFXIV. The Free Company is just starting up and mainly just a place for people who don't already have a Free Company. The Free Company does not have any scheduled events but may start at sometime in the future if our membership numbers grow and members have an interest.

See Brytor, Ixe or myself for an invite to LOA LS and myself for an invite to LOA FC.

And the Updates and Move continue

We have been having issues moving the forums. Right now we are using Legionofaltana.org until the .com domain moves.

Also all old attachments seem to have died off so I am moving the posts away so aI do not get all the complaints about images being broken.

I will work on other stuff as time permits.

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