FC Updates 14 Jul 14 (Love that date pattern)

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FC Updates 14 Jul 14 (Love that date pattern)

Postby Brytor » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:16 am


Wanted to get the word out on some updates and my rambling! So all of text incoming!

First, The house has had a major redecoration and update inside and out thanks to Ixe. Yes, I know, my decoration skills fail.....

Next is I have done some work on the safe and company ranks. The Ranks now play into the safe access.

The ranks and safe access:

  • Master Panda -> Me, Full Access to EVERYTHING!
  • Panda's Officers -> Kaira for now, Full Safe Access, Full Access to most FC items.
  • House Decorator -> Full Access to section 1 and 2 of safe, Deposit to rest, Access to Housing functions for add/remove and change items.
  • Farmer -> Full Access to section 1 and 3 of safe, Deposit to rest, Able to access all gardening features.
  • Member -> Full Access to section 1 of safe, Deposit to rest, Able to tend crops

Chocobo Stables:

I have added a stable to the house and you can now stable you r chocobo for training. Please clean the stable as you see fit. The brooms are currently about 37K each and are used up when you clean. I've run a cleaning on it already. I have planted a full set of carrots to feed your bids and should have them in section 1 of safe when ready (see above for safe and next item for garden). All ranks can stable their bird and I have set it so you can also train anyone's bird.


I have added a farmer rank. If you want to use the garden let me know and I will give access it. CUrrently all members can harvest crops. So if you see them ready harvest away!

Current crop:

I have plated a full crop of Krakka Root seeds for use with Chocobo training. I payed for them but feel free to use when ready. I will place in section one of safe when harvested. Take what you need but please only take what you need. Also since they come from the FC unless someone says otherwise feel free to train any bird in stable. On a side note please be aware the seeds can be bought from NPC so don't be impatient and buy on AH like I did :( Topsoil is not from NPC as far as I can tell so please donate some if you can.

Gil and Crystals in Safe:

We cleaned out most of the gil in doing the house and garden. Please feel free to depot gill if you want to donate to house. As for crystals. I can add a crater rank if needed for access.

Safe Layout:

Currently I have setup the safe as follows:

  • Area 1: Open to all members put stuff here you want to share with members, Take and deposit as you see fit.
  • Area 2: Currently used for housing items, all can deposit, decorators can remove
  • Area 3: Curerntly used for gardening items, all can deposit, Farmers can remove.
  • Gil: Deposit Only. Feel free to donate so we can buy seeds, furniture, etc for FC. Crafters can use to make food/items for area 1 by request.
  • Crystals: Deposit only: Feel free to donate to crafters. Crafters can request if need access.

Free Company Buffs and points:

I am trying to keep buffs up on weekends for now. I try to do proper care and one other buff. If people want a specific buff (Crafting, XP, Companion XP, etc.) let me know please and I will get it cycled in.

Also on this note I have dropped back to the Tier I buffs because we are dropping about 3K points a week as of late since not a lot of people doing things. Please remember we get points for doing things and more for doing with other FC members. Things as simple is turning in unneeded armor at the GC as expert Delivery generates points (We got rank 8 right after I turned in an item). I hope that with the new update and people doing things points will go up again.

Also please note if you need help with stuff ask on the FC or LS. There are some people who don't even have forum accounts and I do not know well on both !


I would really like to setup fixed times to do stuff as a FC. If you need things let me know and I will get on calendar and such. That way people can know when to be available to help and so on.

And speaking of stuff if three or more people are doing things together please record it and let me know. I've been entering stuff into DKP just to track for now. The points are not being used for anything but we can use later on. For now everything is worth 1 point for lack of a better idea:

See here: dkp.php?page=listraids

Anything else let me know!
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Re: FC Updates 14 Jul 14 (Love that date pattern)

Postby Zayreia » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:21 am

Also thanks to Kaira for letting Ixe use her for her house decorator title and tossing my fckin crafting mats.
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Re: FC Updates 14 Jul 14 (Love that date pattern)

Postby Zane » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:01 am

If you're planning on starting up events, my play time right now is Tuesday - Thursday nights. Any other day is going to be unreliable for me for the rest of the summer. That said, if any of you see me on and want to do something that I can do with i80 gear, let me know. Most of the time I'm just soloing up tomes or working on my Animus weapon in an effort to catch up.

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